Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing: learn how to use and increase your conversions

Smartphones are part of people’s lives almost 24 hours a day, so it’s worth knowing some mobile marketing actions

Just look to the side, it can be in a queue, on the bus, in a restaurant and even at home to catch someone fiddling with their cell phone, isn’t it? And there is still the risk, many times, that this person is you!

We use the cell phone all the time, whether it’s to communicate via instant messages, use apps when exercising, analyzing accounts or playing games.

In addition, there is the immediacy of social media, and there is still time to make a call every now and then, right?

And that doesn’t just happen to you and the people you live with. According to Teleco, in July 2018, Brazil reached the mark of 234.7 million cell phones!

In addition, according to the conclusions of the Global Consumer Insights 2018 study, prepared by PwC, 41% of consumers have already made purchases using smartphones, while 30% have already made transactions via tablet.

Five years ago, these percentages were 15% and 20% respectively. According to the same report, between 2014 and 2018 the number of people who buy online rose from 58% to 65%.

With all this data, it is clear why mobile marketing has gained so much space. In addition to helping to reach the target audience in environments where they are present practically all the time, this type of marketing ends up becoming essential for companies.

It is no longer a differential, and now it is necessary to incorporate mobile marketing into its strategies. So, follow this post by Blue World City and understand how to apply these techniques in your business!

What is mobile marketing?

Knowing that people are increasingly attached to their devices, companies began to see advantages to get closer to their consumers. They are using this medium both to make their brands better known and also to help increase sales.

Thus, it can be said that mobile marketing is a set of marketing strategies that aim, through the characteristics and functionalities of mobile devices, to interact with customers and leads and influence them.

It’s important to remember that you need to take a natural approach without appearing to be intrusive advertising. Thus, develop strategies that are naturally linked to the use of this medium in the user’s daily life, using the features offered by these devices to generate interaction.

Take the opportunity to stand out in the market with the advantages that real-time marketing can offer through mobile.

7 reasons to invest in mobile marketing

In an interconnected and digital world, the inclusion of the mobile-friendly concept in the Digital Marketing strategy is no longer a trend and becomes the rule: those who do not prepare will lose market share and, consequently, customers.

Below, you will understand why:

1. 90% of consumers search the web before buying

The number is from a survey conducted by the consultancy TNS Research International and highlights the importance of a strong digital presence. The survey does not directly address the volume of these searches via smartphone, but if we cross the data from other studies and look at our behavior as consumers, we will soon realize that most of them are done on cell phones.

Who has never entered a physical store and researched the product’s value in the online store or in the competition? Or used your smartphone to find more information about a product instead of the desktop?

Therefore, regardless of whether your company has a physical or virtual store, betting on a mobile strategy can include all stages of your audience’s purchase journey.

2. Users don’t buy when browsing is bad

When you find that 30% of consumers abandon a purchase if the experience isn’t smartphone-optimized, it’s hard not to talk about responsiveness and user experience.

Ensuring the correct view of your company’s pages, in addition to facilitating the user’s navigation, will help in the organic positioning of your website, as this is one of the ranking criteria used by Google.

Not convinced? What if I say that 61% of people have a better perception of brands when they offer a good mobile browsing experience?

By thinking of the mobile user, you can avoid lost traffic and sales and improve people’s perception of your company. What about?

3. Your audience is looking for you

It is very likely that people are using a mobile device to search for services or products that your company offers. In fact, this is what more than half of internet users do: 60% of all searches performed on the Web are via mobile phones and tablets.

If we think about a physical store, your brand’s reach potential maybe being underused on mobile. Suppose, for example, that your company is a Thai restaurant in Florianópolis. A large part of your potential customers will search Google, on their smartphones or tablets, for terms such as “Thai restaurant in Florianópolis”, or they will be even more specific, searching by region or neighborhood.

The principle can be used for any type of business anywhere in the world. Optimizing your site for local search or even geolocation are accurate mobile marketing actions and still little explored.

One tip is to make sure you’re listed on Google My Business with all the relevant information about your business, such as your location, phone number, and hours of operation.

Want to advertise according to user location? Invest in geolocation segmentation, which aims to attract only users who are close to the commercial establishment. Thus, you will save on developing promotional campaigns and will likely increase your conversion rates.

4. The number of mobile purchases is growing

As the number of mobile devices increases, the promise that more consumers will shop online becomes more and more real: 63% of people expect to make more purchases on their smartphones in the coming years.

In Brazil, the use of smartphones for online shopping is also growing: 21.5% of online transactions were carried out via mobile devices, according to the 35th Webshoppers report. In 2015, the share of ecommerce was only 12%. This increase is too significant for your company to ignore the opportunity to reach an audience that will still grow a lot.

5. Popularization of social media apps

Many of the apps we access on a daily basis can be great business opportunities for your company. Digital Marketing Strategies that do not consider these communication channels simply disregard the behavior of their consumers.

If your target audience is on networks like Instagram and Facebook, why not use these platforms to build a close relationship with your customers and also take actions to increase your brand visibility?

Being present in these applications makes your brand present in the users’ daily lives and opens another door for communication with your company.

6. More agile and assertive communication with your audience

Communication with your audience can gain agility when also designed for mobile. If you don’t have your device next to you all day, you’re certainly surrounded by people who check for updates and notifications on your phone several times a day.

Knowing this, why not inform your customers of exclusive promotions and discounts via SMS, for example?

Another tool little used by brands that can complement and integrate outbound strategies with digital ones is the QR code. The resource can be printed on paper and directs people to any internet address quickly and securely

Another format of content suitable for those who always have their smartphone in their hands is audio, in podcast-style or even in the recording of articles and audiobooks. With people looking for ways to save time, listening to valuable content while doing something else is becoming an effective alternative in seeking user attention.

7. Greater engagement and interaction with the user

How many apps do you have on your mobile today? And how many do you use with high frequency? If even with an app of your own it is still difficult to engage your audience, what to do then?

Google’s bet has a name: Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs). The benefit to the user is that they don’t need to download an app and have a similar experience.

The user starts by accessing a tab in the Chrome browser and PWA becomes “progressively more app” as it engages and interacts, reaching the point where functions that were previously exclusive to native apps are available, such as geolocation, notifications and even offline use.

If after these considerations you are still not convinced that giving up thinking about mobile can kill your Digital Marketing strategy, remember what happened with Kodak, Yahoo! and Nokia. These companies have not adapted to the smartphone and lost a large share of the market.

When you look around and see most of your colleagues and family members with a cell phone in their hand, the data presented here only serve to confirm a perception: not investing in mobile means reducing the chances of success of your Digital Marketing strategy.

If you’re not already doing it, chances are your competitor has already started or will.

How about getting ahead?

How to make use of this strategy?

Now that you know the advantages of using mobile marketing as a strategy to increase your sales, understand how you can apply it in the best way possible.

SMS marketing

One of the most important techniques, and also one of the most used, is the use of SMS.

To apply it, it is necessary to have a contact list. You can use messaging for a variety of purposes, such as remembering payment dates, forwarding order status, sending promotions, release information, invitations, and more.

One of the main advantages of SMS Marketing is that it has open rates of approximately 98%!  Isn’t that great? Just imagine how many people you can impact in each campaign!

Bluetooth Marketing

Also known as Proximity Marketing, this type of action allows you to use Bluetooth functionality to share multimedia files with other devices and inform about products and services.

It is a good strategy to be used by local businesses as the Bluetooth range is relatively small. Thus, they can provide files, such as a product list or shopping catalog or even video files for promotion.

The great advantage of this strategy is that it is completely free and does not require any maintenance cost. It is important to remember that most users leave their Bluetooth turned off to save battery power, for example. Therefore, it is also good to carry out clear communication on your premises.

Optimize your website with responsive pages

When you want to impact your users with mobile marketing one of the most important things you need to think about is that your website needs to be mobile-first! In other words, it first needs to be designed and adapted for mobile devices.

Nobody deserves to zoom in to navigate, right? A site not adapted for mobile loses the customer as soon as he enters. In addition, Google prioritizes delivering sites that are “mobile-friendly” in its searches, that is, that take into account the peculiarities of this version.

Develop friendly content

Before dividing your content and selecting how to display it, you should consider your mobile space.

Short, persuasive headlines show what benefits the potential customer can find and then lead them to purchase your product or service.

Understand the sales funnel

Don’t forget to apply your sales funnel when crafting your mobile marketing strategy. It is one of the fundamental steps to make your Lead reach the checkout!

QR code

Have you ever heard of QR Code? This is a technology that can generate great results for your strategy. It works like a 2D barcode that the user can use with the phone’s camera, redirecting it to a page.

Thus, you can further increase the reach of your marketing strategy by quickly directing customers to any link on the internet.

This way, you can use QR Codes in your company’s communication, from placing them on your product packaging, flyers and posters, among other features.

Don’t forget about remarketing

In your campaigns, create remarketing lists so that you can reach that potential customer who has already visited your site but has not yet purchased your product or service. Sometimes, he just needs an extra boost to buy.

Google My Business

Have you ever heard of Google My Business? It makes it easy for both mobile and desktop users to find you. It works like a local map and once you’re on the list, it makes your search engine traffic soar.

Being present in it is very simple! Enter Google My Business and register!

Invest in multichannel campaigns

To increase the reach of campaigns, it is ideal to think of strategies that use multiple channels, complementing each other. The secret is to integrate actions with apps, social networks, chat platforms, WhatsApp, mobile display, among others.

Monitor and analyze results

Perhaps you may be wondering how to know if your entire mobile marketing strategy has worked. The main way is that your sales will increase!

But it is worth noting that using such actions, it is possible to measure each one in the comma! That’s right, you can know exactly where each access came from, what generated the most purchases and all the pertinent information.

Therefore, it is important to define right at the beginning of the strategy which will be the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) or the metrics that will help you measure the success of your campaigns.

With this in mind, follow-up reports must be generated so that actions can always be directed towards the best results.

4 practices to successfully apply mobile marketing on a daily basis

You already know how to use a good mobile marketing plan. Now, you need to ensure that your actions really win customers and generate the expected result, isn’t it? For this, we made a list with some tips and practices that should be taken into consideration when designing your plan.

Don’t be intrusive

We know that interacting with the public is essential. However, first of all, you must understand that you must be careful not to disturb the user. So, a very important word for this is: planning!

Don’t forget to understand your prospect’s routine, what interests him, and also send messages that make sense to him.

Make sure the experience is really good!

Would you be a customer of a brand that does not provide you with good experiences in its channels, whether it be shopping, self-service or even post-purchase? The answer is no, right? You can’t let that happen to your prospects and customers!

Thus, ensure the efficiency of the entire process. And remember: before launching anything, try it out! Test so that the end-user has a good experience with what you offer.

That way, you can generate empathy for new businesses and retain new customers!

Highlight your differentials

It is important that you make it clear to the consumer what kind of benefits your product or service brings to them! Thus, you increase the conversion rate even more.

Enjoy your social networks

In general, interactions carried out via mobile devices on social networks are quite high. Take advantage of this information to increase the efficiency of your online campaigns!

Think about these characteristics and how to win your audience in this environment. Find out where he is, what he does, how he behaves and how best to communicate with him on this channel!