Dashboard in Excel: see how to use it in practice + free template for the Marketing area

Check out the advantages, step by step to create your Dashboards in Excel and access the free template for Marketing Metrics Let’s say you are the Marketing leader of a midsize company. In this case, you need to make decisions that can also impact revenue, team performance and other important aspects. How […]

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for Recruiting: How to Analyze the Right Metrics and Optimize Your Search for Talent

The human resources area, in general, has a large amount of data; what can make the difference is how we use them to forecast hiring, dismissals, performance, etc. The importance and awareness of companies in making data-based decisions is gaining more and more relevance. In order to make better decisions, data is collected, […]


Neuromarketing applied to Content Marketing: how to produce content that connects?

Just know a little bit about how the brain works and design a content strategy that activates the minds and hearts of your followers Maybe you’ve heard about the importance of engaging your audiences well on digital channels to transform them from followers to customers like Blue World City, right? What […]