Microcopy: What It Is, Best Practices And Why This Is The Key To Increasing Your Conversions

A few words can increase or hinder your Marketing and Sales results; know everything about microscopy and understand how to apply it Microcopy is a small piece of text that is intended to instruct, convince and alleviate the reader’s concern. In this way, it reduces friction and makes it easier to carry […]


Neuromarketing applied to Content Marketing: how to produce content that connects?

Just know a little bit about how the brain works and design a content strategy that activates the minds and hearts of your followers Maybe you’ve heard about the importance of engaging your audiences well on digital channels to transform them from followers to customers like Blue World City, right? What […]

Search Engine

All about Customer Acquisition Cost: what is it, how to calculate and how to optimize your company’s CAC

Find out how the marketing team can optimize CAC to extract more results in your day-to-day and optimize your investments Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the result of the sum of investments made in Marketing and Sales divided by the number of customers conquered in the same period. It is an […]

Digital Marketing

Storytelling: what it is and how to apply it to your agency’s daily life

Storytelling is the ability to convey content through elaborate plot and engaging narrative, using words and audiovisual resources; find out how your agency can take advantage of it! Storytelling is the ability to tell stories using an elaborate plot, engaging narratives, and audiovisual resources. The technique, whose character is persuasive, helps […]