Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence for Recruiting: How to Analyze the Right Metrics and Optimize Your Search for Talent

The human resources area, in general, has a large amount of data; what can make the difference is how we use them to forecast hiring, dismissals, performance, etc. The importance and awareness of companies in making data-based decisions is gaining more and more relevance. In order to make better decisions, data is collected, […]

Social Media

Is it social media? Learn how to organize an efficient management routine on social media  

Planning, organizing, content and analysis are all part of the work of social media. Know everything that is part of this professional’s routine! Do you consider your work to be really effective on social media? Efficiency is understood as the ability to manage and execute routine activities with maximum performance and minimum mistakes. […]


How to make a live stream on Facebook Live: tutorial + 5 best practices! 

Check out a step by step on how to make a Live on Facebook and learn how to align the broadcast with your Digital Marketing strategy Recently, we talked here on the blog about the Boom of Lives on Instagram, which are dominating the social network and helping companies, partners and customers to connect […]


Microcopy: What It Is, Best Practices And Why This Is The Key To Increasing Your Conversions

A few words can increase or hinder your Marketing and Sales results; know everything about microscopy and understand how to apply it Microcopy is a small piece of text that is intended to instruct, convince and alleviate the reader’s concern. In this way, it reduces friction and makes it easier to carry […]