What is LinkedIn and how to best use it? 9 usage tips for companies, professionals and agencies

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is the main social network aimed at professional contacts and can also be used by companies Have you ever stopped to think about how resumes were created in the past? Everything changed when we started to include professional information within a single platform: LinkedIn! Today you […]


Dashboard in Excel: see how to use it in practice + free template for the Marketing area

Check out the advantages, step by step to create your Dashboards in Excel and access the free template for Marketing Metrics Let’s say you are the Marketing leader of a midsize company. In this case, you need to make decisions that can also impact revenue, team performance and other important aspects. How […]


Programmatic media: what it is and how to implement this way of buying ads in practice

Programmatic media has revolutionized the advertising market and has been transforming the way companies communicate with their consumers Until a few years ago, the online media purchase process—display and video—was completely manual and time-consuming. To advertise on the internet, it was necessary to negotiate separately with each site on which […]